27 May 2019

Election results: New council members University Council

The votes have been counted and the results are clear! Nearly 7,300 students (23,9%) and 2,300 employees (23,9%) cast their votes for the University Council candidate of their choice. Students and staff were able to cast their votes from 20 through 22 May.

The following 12 students will become the new members of the University Council from 1 September 2019, for a period of one year.

1. Lijst VUUR (total: 2983 votes)

V.T. (Vincent) de Haes, Geosciences: 294
A. (Anneke) Marien, Humanities: 340
J.G.A. (Jesse) Wijlhuizen, Humanities/ Social and Behavioural Sciences: 381
N.M. (Nienke) Prins, Humanities/  Law, Economics and Governance: 244
G.J. (Rens) van Hoogdalem, Humanities: 49 

2. Partij voor de Utrechtse Student (total: 2307 votes)

L.R. (Lars) Bakker, Law, Economics and Governance: 238      
M.C. (Maartje) Lith, Law, Economics and Governance: 218
F.A. (Friso) Bouman, Law, Economics and Governance: 232
S.M.E. (Sarah) van Driel, Science: 293

3. De Vrije Student (total: 1061 votes)

E. (Eva) Klaver, Science: 209                 
J.D.P. (Job) van den Broek, UCR /Humanities: 33

4. UUinActie (total: 655 votes)

A.C. (Ashley) van Driel, Humanities: 154

Total number of students on the electoral roll: 30473

Total number of students who voted: 274 (23,9%)

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