8 October 2019

Elearning: A safe and healthy workplace and study environment


This week is national Safety Week. Utrecht University will also be taking part. Today we are focusing on a safe and healthy workplace.

eLearning ‘A safe and healthy workplace and study environment at UU’

The pilot of the introductory eLearning module ‘A safe and healthy workplace and study environment at UU’ is going live today. This module is intended for all UU students and staff. The introductory module uses an interactive approach to shed light on various safety topics. The subsequent modules will focus more specifically on the different risks you might encounter in your workplace and learning environment. This way you can choose to only follow the modules that are relevant to your work or studies.

See the message from Executive Board President Anton Pijpers (only available in Dutch) about the module.

Register for a chance to win a UU gift card (no phishing!)

Register, complete the pilot module (duration: around 30 minutes) and fill in the evaluation form and you could win one of 10 UU gift cards worth €25! . On the home page, click on Utrecht University and log in with your Solis ID.

January 2020: Engelse versie beschikbaar

This pilot is only available in Dutch. We expect that the module will be available for everyone in both Dutch and English in mid-January 2020.

Faculty of Science users

Students and staff at the Faculty of Science already had safety instructions via the modules. There's a refreshed version of the eLearning modules available in Blackboard.