8 July 2020

Education Humanities block 1: fully or partially online

From 20 July, the Course Planner will show for each course whether the lectures are online or partly online (or bimodal: part of the teaching is online and part is at university). From mid-August, our digital learning environment Blackboard will provide more information about the set-up of your courses and the testing.

Your presence

If a course is bimodal, we assume that you will attend the meetings at the university if the lecturer invites you to do so. However, throughout the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, you have the right to attend lectures at a distance, for example because you yourself or a close relative is part of a vulnerable group.

Assessment in block 1: as yet unknown

You will receive more information about how our assessments will be in August. We do not yet know whether theses will be online or on location. This has to do with the large logistical operation of scheduling tests on location and the as yet unclear availability of our test locations. Even if all your lectures are online, it is possible that your exams will take place on location.

If you are enrolled for a bimodal course or for a course that tests on location, we will ask you in mid-August to indicate whether you can be present at the university. Then we can also indicate what it means to you if you are unable to be on location for the tests.