DUB is looking for students interested in making a magazine about stress

This just in: DUB is going to publish a magazine made by and for Utrecht-based students. It is going to be dedicated to the topic of students' mental health. Would you like to join our student newsroom to brainstorm, write and maybe even take pictures? Then don't hesitate to sign up. And yes, the position is paid. 

Some say that your college years are the best years of your life. Are they, though? Based on all the articles about psychological problems and pressure to perform among students, one is led to think otherwise. Is students' mental health that bad in Utrecht? If so, are students themselves to blame or is it their parents' fault? Perhaps it's society's fault? Or is the university the one that should be looking for solutions?

If these questions interest you, you might be one of the five students we're looking for. The student newsroom is going to work alongside DUB's editors to make a magazine that is going to circulate across all of UU's buildings at the end of the year.

Who are we looking for?
Students who are keen on brainstorming about university students' mental health and how to improve it. Interested in working with journalism is a plus, but you don't need to have previous experience in the area. Your enthusiasm counts a lot more! Writing and/or photographing well are a must, however.

What do we offer?
An enjoyable learning experience and the opportunity to publish your own journalistic work, for which you will get guidance and feedback. In addition, we offer compensation for about ten hours of work a week through Topselect. The student newsroom is going to work between May and the beginning of September. Some weeks will be busier than others, but everything will be agreed upon: you can go on vacation, for example.

How can you sign up?
If you're interested, please send your CV along with a motivation letter containing no more than 500 words to the coordinator of this project Xander Bronkhorst. For contact details see: DUB. Your letter should explain why you'd like to participate and suggest one article you'd like to read in such a magazine.

...And then?
We'd like to start working soon. The job interviews are going to take place between May 16-20. So don't hesitate and sign up!

The magazine is going to be made with the financial backing of the National Education Programme (NPO in the Dutch acronym). These funds have been earmarked for projects that aim to help students to catch up with the things they missed because of the pandemic, whether it's socially, academically, or in terms of orientation for their future careers.