Do a survey on languages in the Netherlands and Belgium

What languages do we speak in the Netherlands and which do we use in education? And what is the attitude of language users towards different languages? Through a survey, we try to find answers to these questions. It will take you about half an hour to complete, but it will provide a lot of useful information!

By completing the questionnaire, you support research into the position of different languages in the Dutch and Belgian multilingual society, and the value students attach to language knowledge, both in their private situation and within their study and (future) work situation.

Greater understanding of languages in education

Among other things, the researchers hope to use the survey to better understand why language studies are little in demand, while the social need for language skills is great. They also hope that the answers can contribute to the discussion on the main language(s) to be used within higher education. They expect the answers to produce interesting differences between the various fields of study, between the 2 countries and between the different language areas.

The survey

  • Available in Dutch, French and English
  • Intended for students in higher and university education in the Netherlands and Belgium from all subject areas

The survey contains a range of questions about home languages, school languages and languages of instruction within their studies. 


Do you have a question about the survey? If so, please contact the coordinator of the survey: Prof Nicoline van der Sijs (affiliated to Radboud University, the Institute of Dutch Language, and the University of Liège).