Diversity Dinner Dialogues

Illustratie van diversity dinner

The Diversity Dinner Dialogues offer you an opportunity to eat for free – if you have something to say about diversity and inclusion. “We would like to foster and build informal, friendly, and engaging conversations over differences experienced by various university communities,” initiator Bruce Mutsvairo says, “and work towards promoting and forging fruitful new bonds between them.”

Meaningful discussions and dialogues

The first Diversity Dinner Dialogue (DDD) premiers at the Academic Building on 30 May 2023 using international staff and students as the opening theme. Two more DDD events will be held later this year under diverse themes: 13 September (religion and disabilities) and 26 October (accessibility (material and symbolic) and first generation students). Various activities will be organised to entertain guests during the dinners.

“We are keen to make contributions toward meaningful discussions and dialogues over diversity and inclusion,” Mutsvairo says. “That in essence doesn’t mean that we are only interested in hearing from people who support diversity and inclusion. If you are opposed to it, come and tell us why.”

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Each dinner meet, twenty slots are up for grabs. Anyone associated with Utrecht University, be it professional staff, students, or academics, is welcome to the dinner table.

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