Digital Humanities Lab becomes Research Software Lab

From 1 May 2023, the Digital Humanities Lab has a new name: Research Software Lab. The Lab is part of the Centre for Digital Humanities at Utrecht University, a platform that promotes the use of digital methods in the Humanities.

Why ‘Research Software Lab’?

During the rapid growth of various new components within the CDH, the term 'digital humanities' often emerged. This led to perceived overlap between different parts, causing confusion among people about where to address their specific questions. The new name 'Research Software Lab' provides a clearer indication of the Lab's focus and activities.

What happens in the Lab?

The developers of the Research Software Lab provide technical support to researchers of the Faculty by building custom innovative tools for targeted research and education. They work on various applications, such as databases, visualizations, and text mining tools. Over the past years, they have already built an extensive portfolio of research software. In addition to software development, the developers also offer advice on ICT solutions for specific research or educational challenges. They do this through activities like the weekly DH Walk-in Hours. Also as a student you are warmly invited to ask all your questions about, for example, programming or statistics.