Diederik Gussekloo new confidential advisor for inappropriate behaviour

Black-and-white portrait of Diederik. White man with short hair and beard. He wears large thin-framed glasses and a dark jacket over a light-coloured shirt.

Utrecht University thinks it is important to have a safe social climate for all students and employees. We treat each other with respect. Nevertheless, students or employees might be approached in a way that is inappropriate to them. Inappropriate behaviour includes, but is not limited to: (sexual) harassment, discrimination, aggression, violence or bullying.Utrecht University has two counsellors for inappropriate behaviour. As an employee or student, you can contact this person for advice and support if you have been approached in an inappropriate way. As of now Diederik Gussekloo has started as a confidential advisor for inappropriate behaviour. Diederik is succeeding Jerre Mijnarends who has started a new job outside the university per 1 January.

Why did you want to work as a Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour?

"Like many students and staff within Utrecht University, I attach great importance to a safe working and learning environment. And I find it very important that there is an accessible point of contact where colleagues and students can discuss feelings of social unsafety. I hope that students and staff who are troubled by inappropriate behaviour know where to find me for a listening ear, help and advice."

In what kind of situations can employees and students come to you?

"The confidential advisor is there for you if you are dealing with any inappropriate behaviour. In situations involving bullying, (sexual) harassment, unsafe situations, discrimination, aggression or violence, you can always come to me or my colleague Marian Joseph to talk about this in confidence and explore together the possibilities of possibly filing a complaint. If you think inappropriate behaviour is taking place, don't keep it to yourself, but speak up, even as a witness!"

Students and staff members can turn to a confidential advisor for advice and support. The information provided is always treated confidentially. Besides Diederik Gussekloo, Marian Joseph is the other confidential advisor for inappropriate behaviour.

Have you experienced something unpleasant at Utrecht University? There are several people you can turn to, depending on your situation.

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