Did you download your diploma on DUO yet?

Recently graduated? Download your diploma online via Mijn Diploma's. Could be helpful if you have misplaced your original diploma or need it for your master's application!

Extract of your diploma

You can access your diploma by logging into Mijn Diploma's. You will need a DigiD for this. Once logged in, you can download a free extract of your diploma. This extract is an official document and serves as valid proof of your achievements. It includes an authenticity certificate, verifying that the document is original and issued by DUO. Please use the digital extract only in its digital form, as printing renders the document invalid.

Need a grade list?

The extract of your diploma does not include a grade list. If needed, you can request a certified transcript of your grades through the Student Information Desk Humanities. During the summer period we receive many requests, so make sure to start early.

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