15 May 2020

Coulance if you want to start a master's but can't get your BA degree because of corona

In order to take away some of the pressure of students due to corona, the UU has decided to make admission to a master's a little more flexible. Have you been conditionally admitted to a master's, but you haven't quite finished your bachelor's on 1 September? Then you can start your master's anyway. The condition is that you are a maximum of 15 EC short and you have a study delay in block 3 and/or 4.

This arrangement does not apply to students with a Non-EU/EEA nationality.

Application form

If you meet the conditions, apply before 17 August using this form: https://fd21.formdesk.com/universiteitutrecht-gw/Request_special_arrangement_HUM

Conditions master admission coulance

  • Your conditional admission does not become final until you have obtained your bachelor's degree.
  • By the end of academic year 2020-21, you will have caught up with the missed 15 EC.
  • You may only start your master's thesis once you have successfully completed your Bachelor's thesis.

If you do not meet these conditions, you may not continue to take part in the master's programme.


Do you have any questions? Then please contact the Student Information desk Humanities