27 May 2020

Coronavirus information


As part of Utrecht University, University College Utrecht follows the guidelines of Utrecht University for coronavirus measures. Our campus stays open, but all education will be online until the end of the academic year. We will keep all students informed about the exact arrangements for their courses.


  • As a consequence of the UU building strategy during the corona crisis, the educational parts of all UCU buildings (study areas, classrooms, lounges) and College Hall are closed. The residential parts remain open.
  • The reception has temporarily moved to Dining Hall and is open from 10:00 to 16:00.
  • A member of the UCU Crisis Team will be present on campus every working day from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • This policy will be in place until the end of this academic year, including Summer term.


  • All education will be online until the end of this academic year, including Summer term. 

Guidance and counselling

  • Please contact your personal tutor for discussing general concerns or questions about studying in new ways (online environment, new assignments, deadlines, etc), or about living in ‘corona times’. Expect this to be via Skype/Teams, email or telephone.
  • Student Life Office is there for you to talk, individually or in small groups, about whatever issues you are dealing with in these confusing times. If you would like to connect for a conversation via Skype/Teams or phone, please email to ucu.slo@uu.nl. Include your full name and telephone number in your email.
  • Next to consultations about writing and research (including methods and statistics), Writing & Skills Centre is available also for discussing any topics related to studying in the current strange new reality, such as ways of keeping yourself motivated for online classes, time management, or planning when there is little going on. Please contact Annemieke Meijer, email: ucu.wcenter@uu.nl to set up an appointment.
  • Futures Centre offers online consultations for preparing you for your next steps after UCU. Think for example of a CV review or advice for writing a good cover letter. Email to ucu.futures@uu.nl for an appointment.

If you feel ill or suspect you are infected:

  • Follow the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM). These guidelines will probably continue to change as the virus spreads.
  • Most suspected cases will not be tested, even if infection with the coronavirus seems likely.
  • Isolate yourself from others as well as possible: choose for an off-campus location if possible, otherwise stay in your unit.
  • Minimise human contact and thoroughly clean your unit at least once a day.
  • Inform the Managing Director, email: ucu.md@uu.nl.

UCU students abroad/ on exchange

Consider, together with your family, whether it is safer for you to stay where you are, to return to Utrecht, or to go back to your family. Students returning to campus will have (emergency) accommodation arranged. Let our International Office know what you have decided, email: ucu.internationaloffice@uu.nl.

The Exam Board will deal with the impact on any transfer of credits in a fair and flexible manner. For specific questions please contact the Exam Board, email: ucu.examboard@uu.nl.

Exchange students at UCU

Some exchange students have been called to return home by their home university. Please confirm this with our International Office prior to returning home. Email: ucu.internationaloffice@uu.nl.

Leaving campus

If you decide to leave campus and are not intending to come back this semester, follow the checkout procedure.

Financial implications

Please contact the Finance Office for discussing flexibility with regard to payment of campus fees, email: ucu.finance@uu.nl. Consult the FAQ page to find out about possibilities for financial support. The aim is to avoid any study delays, and for all students to be able to continue their studies with us during the remainder of the semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, there are many questions about the consequences of the coronavirus measures for your study and living on campus. Find answers on the most frequently questions on the FAQ UCU in Corona Times page.