30 July 2020

Coronavirus information


As part of Utrecht University, University College Utrecht follows the guidelines of Utrecht University for coronavirus measures.

Corona update: Living & Learning at UCU during Fall semester 2020

Last updated: 13 July 2020


As residential learning forms a fundamental part of studying at UCU, students will be welcomed back on campus to resume their studies in Fall 2020 as part of our ‘live’ campus community. Our education and residential buildings will reopen on 17 August.

Classes in Fall 2020

The Fall semester starts on 31 August in a combination of face-to-face and online teaching, with a maximum occupancy of 14 students (or 50%) in class at one time. This means that every student has one 2-hour in-class session per course per week. The other class session is attended online. Our education buildings are currently being adjusted for a 50% occupancy of classrooms with dedicated entry and exit routes (meeting UU and national social distancing requirements), and video facilities for live streaming of classes.

Travelling back to campus

There is no provision for students to opt for remaining online completely. Nevertheless, should you face circumstances beyond your control, as a result of which you are not able to return to the Netherlands (e.g. a regional lockdown, not being able to obtain your entry visa, etc.) then you may follow the initial part of the Fall semester online. You are still expected to arrive as soon as you are able, and in principle we will hold your room for you until you are able to join us.

Arrival week: 17-21 August

We aim to spread the arrival of students as much as possible, whilst still meeting possible quarantine requirements:

Sign up for arrival

Move-in period will be from Monday 17 to Friday 21 August, between 9AM and 5PM. All students are asked to indicate their planned arrival via this online form, as soon as possible but no later than 25 July 2020. 

There are ten time slots for arrival during this week, either in the morning (9AM–12PM) or afternoon (1PM-5PM). On the form you can choose one of these slots. Arrival cannot be facilitated outside of these hours. 

  • When you come from a home address in the Netherlands, please plan your arrival in one of the following time slots:
    • Monday 17 August: 13:00-17:00
    • Wednesday 19 August: 9:00-12:00
    • Friday 21 August: 9:00-12:00
  • When you come from outside the Netherlands, please opt for one of the 7 remaining time slots.
  • If you are still awaiting an entry visa or airports to open up again to travel to the Netherlands and therefore do not have a travel date yet, you can also indicate this on the form as one of the dropdown options.
  • Should your arrival time change, you can edit and resubmit the same form. The link will be sent to you as a reply to your initial submission.

Stipulations for arrival

  • You may bring no more than 1 person with you into your residential building
  • Do NOT bring any furniture or other large items you are not able to carry yourself. UCU bedrooms are furnished!
  • At all times keep 1,5 m distance, both inside and outside
  • Room keys for returning students will be in your mailboxes, so do not forget your mailbox key!

Quarantine measures

  • Upon arrival to the campus, you will be asked if you have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Students who do not have symptoms, and who do not come from so-called high risk areas, do not need to be tested, and do not need to self-quarantine
  • If you have do symptoms, we will ask you to get tested at one of the two local test centres nearby: the Red Cross centre at Koningsweg 2 in Utrecht or the Utrecht Medical Centre at Utrecht Science Park (both at walking distance from the UCU campus). We will help you make your appointment there (see here for information in Dutch). The test is free of charge. If you already have a BSN number (Dutch social security number) you may be asked to provide it when making the appointment, students who do not yet have a BSN number do not need it to get tested.
  • While you await the outcome of the test (you should expect a result within 24-48 hours), we will house you in one of our quarantine units on campus.
  • Should the test result indicate you have corona, you can stay in the quarantine unit until you are better. We will help you obtain medical support as needed.
  • Please refer to our information for newly admitted students to find out about registering with a General Practitioner, and other practical information.
  • Students who have no symptoms will not be tested.
  • Students arriving from so-called ‘high-risk areas’ (mostly outside the European Union) are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. On the arrival form you will be asked to indicate which country you are travelling from, and we will liaise with you accordingly.


Our educational buildings will reopen on 17 August, followed by the administrative buildings. The exact dates for reopening College Hall, Dining Hall and the offices in educational buildings will be announced in due course.

The temporary reception in Dining Hall is open during the summer (Monday 29 June to Friday 21 August) from 10:00 to 14:00.

If you feel ill or suspect you are infected

Follow the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM).

Isolate yourself from others as well as possible: choose an off-campus location if possible, otherwise stay in your unit.

Minimise human contact and thoroughly clean your unit at least once a day.

Inform the Managing Director, email: ucu.md@uu.nl.


All thesis deadlines have been extended until 31 July 2020.

All courses in the Spring semester and Summer term 2020 could be taken as pass/fail. The pass/fail option does not affect your eligibility for distinction (cum laude etc.), but you will not be able to improve your GPA with a pass/fail result.

Outlines of affected courses contain a disclaimer about online teaching and its effects on the learning goals and assessment. You can print outlines in Osiris to use for your application to Master’s programmes.

As one of a number of measures taken to alleviate the effects of the Corona crisis on study progress, the Dutch Ministry of Education has decided that students at Dutch universities who are unable to meet the standards of the ‘Binding Study Advice’ in the current year will get the opportunity to do so in 2020-21. In parallel, University College Utrecht has decided to revise its probation procedure for the current semester: students who do not fulfill the requirements of good academic standing (ARR par. 7.4) in Spring 2020 will get the opportunity to repair their grades in Fall 2020.


There are options for additional financial support for students in dire need, for example to cover tuition or campus fees, or coronavirus-related essential travel costs. Read more on the UU website.

The UCU Student Aid Fund has a small budget to help out students in dire need. Please explore the central Utrecht University options first; the Student Aid Fund is your 'last resort'. Find out more.

Guidance and counselling

Please contact your personal tutor for discussing general concerns or questions about studying in different ways (online environment, new assignments, deadlines, etc.), or about living in ‘corona times’. Expect this to be via Skype/Teams, email or telephone.

Student Life Office is there for you to talk, individually or in small groups, about whatever issues you are dealing with in these confusing times. If you would like to connect for a conversation via Skype/Teams or phone, please email ucu.slo@uu.nl. Include your full name and telephone number in your email.

Next to consultations about writing and research (including methods and statistics), the Writing & Skills Centre is available also for discussing any topics related to studying in the current new reality, such as ways of keeping yourself motivated for online classes, time management, or planning when there is little going on. Please contact Annemieke Meijer, email: ucu.wcenter@uu.nl to set up an appointment.

The Futures Centre offers online consultations for preparing you for your next steps after UCU. Think for example of a CV review or advice for writing a good cover letter. Email  ucu.futures@uu.nl for an appointment.