14 May 2020

Corona agreement on transition from Bachelor to Master

Normally, students must have completed their entire Bachelor’s upon enrollment in a Master’s programme. In these times of Corona, there is room to relax this rule temporarily.  At a national level, Science faculties have decided that prospective Master’s students are allowed to have at most 30 EC from their bachelor’s remaining at the time of enrollment into a Science Master’s (a temporary soft-transition). These 30 EC include a Bachelor’s (end) project, and must be completed within a year after enrollment into the Master’s programme. Details on the specific implementation of the smooth transition in the context of the Master’s programmes of the GSNS are given below. 

  • Students may apply and enroll in our two-year Master’s programmes when they have at most 30 EC of uncompleted components of their Bachelor’s remaining, including their Bachelor’s (end) project. 
  • Students must submit a plan detailing how and when each of the remaining components from their bachelor’s will be completed within a year, as part of their admission application. 
  • Students will receive a conditional admission to the Master’s programme, valid for one year, which will be turned into a regular admission upon completion of the plan. 
  • This arrangement does not apply to the new one-year programme on Applied Data Science. This programme will keep the hard transition. 
  • This soft transition does not apply to students from Dutch Applied Universities (hbo’s)

Keep in mind that our programmes have two starts of study per academic year (in February and September). Students who still need around 30 EC or more might benefit most from enrolling at the next official start.