17 October 2019

Nominations can be submitted until November 15, 2019

Contribute to an even more diverse and inclusive university!

Nominations for the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2020 can be submitted until Friday November 15, 2019 via diversity@uu.nl!

Utrecht University strives towards more diversity and inclusion among its students and employees. There is still much to be achieved, but some beautiful initiatives have already been undertaken by students and employees that contribute to an even more diverse and inclusive university. Utrecht University wants to make sure these initiatives do not go unnoticed and wants to express her appreciation by presenting an annual UU Diversity & Inclusion Award as of 2019. The winner will receive the UU Diversity & Inclusion Award and a sum of €2,500, which can be used for diversity improvement within Utrecht University.

Nominations and procedure

Individual students, individual employees and teams can be nominated for the UU Diversity & Inclusion Award Award 2020. Two or three submissions will be selected, depending on the number of nominations, from which one winner will be chosen. The selection will be carried out by an Award Committee consisting of three UU employees and one Utrecht University student, supported by the Programme Manager of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

Anyone can nominate students, employees or teams that devote themselves to increasing diversity and inclusion within Utrecht University for the UU Diversity & Inclusion Award. Initiatives from all fields are welcomed. Think for example of ethnicity, class, religion, sexuality, disability, gender and the intersections between these fields. Check the webpage of the Diversity & Inclusion Award for further information.

Platform Onbeperkt Studeren en vicevoorzitter Annetje Ottow tijdens de uitreiking van de Diversity & Inclusion Award 2019
Studying Without Limitations and Vice-President Annetje Ottow during the presentation of the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2019