26 April 2019

Contest: connect education and society

Do you have a good idea about how to connect education and society? Send us your idea and you might just win €2.500!

We're looking for ideas to further stimulate Community Service Learning at Utrecht University. This aim is deliberately broad and any type of idea is welcome! The three best ideas will all receive a prize of €2.500.

Community Service Learning at Utrecht University

Utrecht University aims to contribute to solving societal challenges and educate students that are known for their social engagement. Community Service Learning is one way to achieve this. It is experiential education in which students, teachers and external parties work together on societal issues. Through those activities in that rich learning environment, students, teachers and external parties learn from each other. We believe Community Service Learning is the way forward for education at Utrecht University so that education benefits students, society and the university.

Contest aim

Contest rules 

  • The idea contributes to stimulating Community Service Learning at Utrecht University and should be possible to implement in (at least) academic year 2019-2020.
  • The three best proposals will be awarded a prize of €2.500. This award should be spent on educational innovations, preferably Community Service Learning.
  • The award can be used to implement the submitted proposal, but that is not a requirement. This also means that ideas that require a larger budget can also be submitted.
  • The programme committee of CSL will decide what the three best proposals are, based on three criteria:
    • The extent to which the idea will stimulate Community Service Learning at Utrecht University;
    • The impact of the idea (how many people will the idea reach, how large will the impact on them be, is this a one-time or recurring activity);
    • The feasibility of the idea.
  • The idea is presented in the form of a proposal of 1-2 A4. The proposal answers the following questions:
    • What is your idea?
    • How does this idea contribute to stimulating Community Service Learning?
    • How do you foresee that this idea will be implemented (incl. budget)?
    • What will you do with the awarded prize?
  • The proposal is submitted by a student or employee of Utrecht University (collaboration with multiple students, employees and/or external parties is of course welcome).
  • The proposal is submitted at the latest on 16 June 23:59 to k.zunderdorp@uu.nl.
  • The programme committee will announce the winner(s) on 16 July at the latest.
  • The programme committee and the winner(s) will determine together who will implement the ideas. The ideas do not necessarily need to be implemented by  the winners, though this is of course a possibility. 


Please contact Kim Zunderdorp (k.zunderdorp@uu.nl) if you have any questions about the contest.

Good luck!