31 July 2019

Construction on David de Wied building begins on 12 August

Indeling van het David de Wiedgebouw

By 2020, the David de Wied building will be the premiere high-end research facility that brings cutting-edge research together: the Electron Microscopy Centre (EM) facility for the faculties of Science, Geosciences, Veterinary Medicine, and the University Medical Centre Utrecht. On Monday, 12 August, builders will begin installing the site fencing and excavating the slope to the west of the building. By early September, partitions will be set up at various places throughout the building. The work will progress in a series of phases, and should be complete by late 2020. The EM centre will open for use in the first quarter of 2021.

The David de Wied building will be renovated in phases. On the west side of the building, a new wing will be built for the high-quality Electron Microscopy Centre. Over time, more work stations will be added, and the fume cabinets will be adjusted so that they only provide maximum ventilation when it is actually needed. Connecting the building to the heat storage unit will also make it more sustainable.


The slope to the west of the building will be excavated to make room for a green space at street level. This will both enlarge the area and make it a more pleasant place to spend time: an ideal meeting spot for scientists and students.

Gas park and cryo facility

The existing gas park will be renovated and expanded to make room for two tanks for liquid and gaseous nitrogen, and to store gas bottles in secure spaces. This new gas park will meet all of the latest safety standards. A new pipe tunnel will lead from the gas park to the new cryo facility on the ground floor of the north side of the building. This cryo facility will regulate the distribution of liquid nitrogen throughout the David de Wied building, as well as offer cryogenic storage for all research groups.


The new reception desk on the ground floor is now open for business, and the entrance on the 1st floor has been closed for the construction of the EM centre. Now the only entrance to the building is via the large revolving door on the ground floor.

During the renovations, the entrances on the north- and east sides of the building will remain accessible to employees, students, visitors, and suppliers. The current gas park and receiving dock will also remain accessible during the renovations.

A temporary logistical zone has been set aside for loading and unloading, supplier parking, management and maintenance, and the waste bins. This temporary logistical zone is not intended for UU staff or building personnel. They must continue to use the normal parking lots at Utrecht Science Park. The logistical zone will be free to use again once the renovations are complete.

Temporary handicapped parking spaces will be provided near the entrance at the Universiteitsweg. The university will meet with the stakeholders to discuss bespoke accessibility options. Staff and students can continue to park their bicycles and motorcycles in front of the new entrance to the David de Wied building.

Parts of the building will be made off-limits for security purposes. The emergency exits will remain accessible throughout the course of the renovation work, and emergency services will always have access to the David de Wied building and the surrounding area.

Traffic flows for bicycles and pedestrians will be kept separate from the building site. A partition will be installed between the building site and the part of the building still in use, which may mean that the routes between the entrances and the workplaces could be longer than usual.

During emergencies or evacuation drills, please use the evacuation routes indicated. Temporary walking- and evacuation routes may change over the course of the renovation work, but they will always point the way to one of the four emergency stairways.

We ask that you pay extra attention to keeping the corridors and the area under the awning on the east side of the building free from obstructions at all times. Storing goods in these locations can block evacuation routes and the flow of pedestrians.

  • The M-building will be closed from Monday, 23 September 2019 to Sunday, 12 January 2020. This means that the current kiosks, meeting rooms and lunch facilities will not be available for use during this period. Alternatives will be provided in a timely manner, within the limitations of the renovation work.
  • Some lifts will be given different uses. The goods lift will have to be shared by all suppliers. This will require clear agreements between the contractor, user, and manager of the building.
  • The shower room in the building will be closed for the duration of the renovation work. Please use the showers in other buildings during this period.
  • The lockers on the ground floor and 1st floor will be unavailable as of today.

If you have questions about this post, or about the renovations of the David de Wied building in general, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. If your question is not in the list, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at: daviddewiedgebouw@uu.nl. We would be happy to help you.