Conference Grants: deadline 1 May 2022

Facultair debat

Do you wish to visit an internal conference? In that case, you may want to apply fo the Graduate School of Humanities Conference Grant in order to help you get there.

The Graduate School of Humanities Conference Grant has a maximum of 500 Euro. Applications can be submitted to the Graduate School of Humanities before 1 May, including a short motivation. Applicants who do not present at a conference do not qualify for a grant.

Your Research Master's Research Director will be consulted for the evaluation and ranking of the proposals.


Your application should contain the following elements and should be submitted in 1 PDF file:

  1. Name & student number
  2. Name supervisor
  3. Average grade
  4. Conference type
  5. Name & short description of conference (150 words max.)
  6. Short description of paper (200 words max.)
  7. Confirmation that your paper has been accepted
  8. Statement of supervisor/tutor
    - Status of conference
    - Acceptance rate of conference (%)
  9. Budget
  10. Appendix
    - Overview Osiris results
    - Receipts/invoices expenses (if applicable)

See for more details the Conference Grant Call.