Concerns about public debate on internationalisation

The Faculty Board feels it is important to underline how lucky we are to have an international community within our faculty, in response to some recent concerns among the students in our faculty about the undercurrent of the ongoing political and public debate on internationalisation and its potential impact on our education and on our international community of students and staff.

As a university, we are rooted in society. That connection manifests itself locally (for instance in collaborations with partners in the city of Utrecht or in the Netherlands), but it is also fundamentally international. We want to play a part in this process of public and global engagement. Both our staff and students play a role in the international position of our education and research. We are very happy to have you be a part of our faculty.

Maintaining our international environment

Our work in education and research focuses on the world at large, and it is situated in international discussions, for instance in the international classroom or in international research consortia. That is what we stand for. We want to be a faculty that offers students and teachers an international environment where diversity and inclusion are at the core. We will continue to work on this together. We are following these developments closely and making our voice heard.

We want you to make the best of your time here at Utrecht University, within and beyond your study programme. Visit our page for international students and find out more about what we offer!

More information

Should you have specific questions regarding internationalisation and education as a result of the public and political discussions, feel free to contact your study advisor.

This summer, the Executive Board, through Rector Henk Kummeling, responded via a news article to (now outgoing) Minister Dijkgraaf's intention to take measures to control the influx of international students.