Competition: Make the campus more beautiful, more sustainable and greener

How can we make Utrecht Science Park (USP) greener and more sustainable? Energy production and biodiversity do not always go hand in hand. Lack of space in USP results in us having to make choices and come up with innovative solutions. Do you have a smart and innovative idea to generate solar energy AND enhance biodiversity on campus? If you do, please compete in this sustainable competition.

The challenge 

In Utrecht Science Park, people study, do research, provide care, build, live and generate energy. We also want to leave space for nature. The various functions of USP sometimes cause friction. Such as when it comes to generating energy and biodiversity. In order to become CO2 neutral, the university devotes resources and efforts to matters such as solar panels on buildings, solar fields and solar carports. This requires space. 

At the same time, we aim for more biodiversity in our own area. USP is surrounded by nature. A biodiverse USP can connect these areas. This makes them more resistant to negative environmental influences, such as dehydration. There is also more variation which leads to more species of plants and animals. Space for biodiversity in USP is therefore essential. 

The assignment

Do you have an innovative idea to make USP more beautiful, more sustainable and greener? An idea which generates solar power and contributes to more biodiversity? Join this sustainable competition!


A jury will decide which idea wins the contest. The winning idea:

  • will be carried out in Utrecht Science Park if feasible.
  • will be mentioned on a plaque or tile at the realised initiative.
  • will receive a monetary prize of € 500.00.