1 November 2016

Come to the Green Office lunch lecture: 'Solving the ice sheet enigma'

On Thursday 17 November, Green Office organises the lunch lecture 'Solving the ice sheet enigma' with professor of polar meteorology Michiel van den Broeke. In this lecture Michiel will discuss the latest developments in observational techniques, and illustrate how that has helped to solve the enigma of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet mass balance.

The ice sheet mass
Until quite recently, it was not known whether the great ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica were losing or gaining mass. Since the mid 1990's, this has changed dramatically: advanced satellite technology now helps researchers to assess ice sheet mass and elevation changes at the individual glacier basin scale. However, even today, some quantities cannot yet be observed remotely from space with sufficient accuracy, e.g. surface accumulation (snowfall) and ablation (meltwater runoff). These important processes must be modelled using regional climate models, and these results must in turn be evaluated using in-situ observations from ultra-low-power automatic weather stations. 

Green Office lunch lectures
Green Office Utrecht organises lunch lectures with researchers to make sustainability research from Utrecht University more visible for employees and students. Bring your own lunch and get inspired!

Where & when: 17 November 2016, 12:00 until 13:00, Green Office Utrecht. 

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