17 August 2017

Closure Hoofddijk as of 7 August until 8 September

From Monday 7 August until Friday 8 September, the crossing of the Hoofddijk with the Heidelberglaan (bus lane) is completely closed due to the construction of the tram line. Motorized traffic, cyclists and pedestrians are diverted. The buildings of UMC Utrecht remain accessible, and the buses continue to drive the normal route. This is necessary for the construction of the Uithofline, the temporary crossing is then converted to the final crossing.

Cyclists and pedestrians are guided by their own way from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Münsterlaan, the Marburglaan and the Yalelaan (see map, blue line). Motorized traffic is diverted via the Tolakkerlaan, the Rhine River and the Zandlaan (see map, green line). For this diversion route, the Rhine River and the Zandlaan are temporarily accessible for motorized traffic.