Clingendael Spectator student column

The Clingendael Spectator is an online magazine on the cutting edge of journalism and science, and has been the magazine for international relations in the Netherlands for exactly 75 years. Twice a year, the magazine offers students the opportunity to publish a column on the subject of world politics.

The articles of the Clingendael Spectator are an easy way for young academics to come into contact with relatively accessible contributions by leading experts in the field of international relations. Besides analyses, interviews, opinion pieces, series and book and film reviews, the Clingendael Spectator regularly publishes a column. In these columns, experts write from their expertise what they have noticed in the news about international politics. Because students often have a refreshing view on world politics, the Clingendael Spectator publishes a column by a student once every six months.

Student column

Did you – based on already acquired experience – notice any significant events in current affairs? Do you have a clear-sighted perspective and good drafting skills? Write a column (in English or Dutch) of max. 800 words and send it to before June 1st, 2022. Of course, it is permitted to base the column on an assignment or thesis. The winner will be published on the website.