Christmas party: tad awkward

Een dame knijpt in de wangen van een ander dame en samen kijken ze gek.

This winter, LOF DanceCrew@Parnassos presents the dance-theatre performance Groots & Grandioos, the most awkward, melodramatic and overstimulating family party we have been looking forward to for far too long. Thankfully, it's finally here: our Family Winter Party!  We are making up for the damage of previous years. Unanimously and moreover; bigger and more grandiose than ever! Will you be there with your colleagues, friends or family? See you then!

Dates: 14 (try-out), 15, 16 and 17 December (in case of great success, an extra matinee performance on Saturday afternoon 17 December).
Start time: 8.30 p.m.
Ticket sales:

Tickets Wednesday 14 December 
Tickets Thursday 15 December  
Tickets Friday 16 December  
Tickets Saturday 17 December

This Parnassos production was created in collaboration with: L.O.F DanceCrew, the Parnassos Burlesque course, Peter Elbertse & Jilted