Check your tenancy rights on

Under Dutch rental law there is a maximum rent price a landlord is allowed to charge a tenant. But in the difficult Utrecht housing market it is a huge challenge to find a room, let alone an affordable room. On average, Utrecht students overpay €195 euros for their student housing every month.

Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon for tenants’ rights to be violated. Maybe you have heard stories about this from your peers. Or perhaps you yourself are overpaying on rent or service costs, or you live in a room with poor maintenance, an unclear contract, or an intimidating landlord.

Take charge!

On the website you can check if you are overpaying on rent. You can also find the five most important tenancy rights, and what you can do to take charge if you think your rights are violated.

Do you suspect you are overpaying on rent, or that you may be in an unlawful situation? Contact the Rent Team Utrecht. They offer free legal advice and help.