ChatGPT: these are the current rules

In two emails that we sent a few weeks ago, you could read about how our faculty deals with chatbots like ChatGPT. Below you'll find everything at a glance.

Submitting a generated text under your own name: that's fraud

Do you submit a text under your own name, but was the text generated by a chatbot? Then this is considered fraud. You can read how the Board of Examiners deals with this in article 5.15 of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER).

Detecting fraud

Does a lecturer suspect that you did not (entirely) write a submitted text yourself, but used a chatbot instead? Then you may be invited for an interview. If this conversation confirms the lecturer's suspicions, they will transfer the case to the Board of Examiners. Even without any suspicions a lecturer can discuss the realisation of a submitted text with you and other (randomly selected) students. The conversation will then be a way to conduct a sample check for possible fraud.