6 June 2017

Changing vending machines starts end of June

Koffie-, frisdrank- en snoepautomaat

MAAS is the new supplier for the vending machines (warm and soft drinks and snacks). From end of June the firm starts to change the machines. This happens in a period of five to six weeks. Approximately 200 coffee machines and 60 candy machines need to be switched. The starting point is that each machine will be replaced by a new one.

Changes in buildings

In order to place the new machines some changes have to be made in the buildings because these machines have a different size. For example relocate or install taps and electricity and change a couple of alcoves. These changes will cause no or little inconvenience. The goal is to round this off in the coming weeks.

Finalizing contract Selecta

The start of MAAS means finalizing the contract with Selecta. Selecta starts with breaking off the present surrounds so that the machines can be switched quickly during the summer.


Sustainability was very important in the tender. The most visible initiatives of MAAS are:

  • The coffee machines have a cold water tap point where everyone can refill his bottle for free with chilled water.
  • For every litre of water from the machines MAAS takes care of a litre of clean drinking water in a development country.
  • The reuse of the sustainable paper cups will be stimulated through an attractive design (introduction autumn 2017)with name and consumption choice and a discount of € 0,05.
  • MAAS collects the coffee dregs and delivers it bake to the wholesaler. This wholesaler brings the dregs to a company that grows oyster mushrooms on it. They make croquettes of these mushrooms which Sodexo has in its assortment.
  • The coffee machines with LED lights have an energy save mode and a stand-by mode that learns the machine when it can switch itself off.
  • MAAS executes its activities 100% electrical and entirely CO2 neutral from the depot.
  • The coffee is made of 100% sustainable, certified coffee beans (UTZ in coffee machines or RFA/IMPACT@ORIGIN for coffee stations). The chocolate milk and tea have the Max Havelaar quality mark.