6 August 2021

Change from MyWorkPlace to SolisWorkspace is postponed

The change from MyWorkPlace to SolisWorkspace has been postponed until further notice, as a number of technical issues still need to be resolved. 2FA will be required to log in on SolisWorkspace. The change is the result of bringing together different platforms at the UU that have similar functionalities and to improve security.  

What should you do when SolisWorkspace is online?

Nothing will change in terms of applications or appearance. What you should know:

  • Instead of myworkplace.uu.nl you will have to go to https://solisworkspace.uu.nl. This new link (URL) should be remembered or saved somewhere, for example in your favourites. If you go to the old link after the transfer, you will see information about the new name.
  • You will now need two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in.

Why are we doing this?

There are now several platforms where UU applications are offered. MyWorkplace is one of them, but there are also similar platforms with different names for employees. The location of equipment and management of these platforms now differs from platform to platform. To make this more efficient and reduce costs, everything will soon be brought together under one name: SolisWorkspace. First, MyWorkplace will be transferred, and later in the year the other platforms will be migrated. We are also making the new platform extra secure by introducing 2FA.


Please contact the IT Service Desk.