16 December 2019

As of 23 December no more sandwiches in the University Library city centre restaurant

Catering location in the University Library city centre closes

Restaurant Universiteitsbibliotheek binnenstad

From 23 December, the University Library city centre restaurant will no longer serve sandwiches, soups or anything else.  Instead, there are some extra vending machines available from which you can get hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks. And of course, you can still go to the Lodewijk espresso bar.

The restaurant's closure is part of the UU's decision to reduce the number of staffed restaurants from 19 to 12 as of 8 July 2020. In order to ensure that all this will run smoothly, the staff working in the UBB restaurant will be working (temporarily) at one of the other catering locations. This means that the restaurant in the UBB will have to close earlier than planned.

We realise that this might cause some inconvenience for students studying in the UBB. However, we would like to cooperate with the redeployment of the Sodexo employees, who have been working at the UU for a long time.


The UU will reduce the number of staffed catering locations from 19 to 12 by 8 July 2020. The reason for this is that the contract with Sodexo expires on 8 July 2020. We are currently working on a tender process to conclude a new contract for catering. To make this tender successful and future-proof, we are reducing the number of catering locations, 

In addition to the restaurant in the UBB, the kiosk in Janskerkhof 2-3 and Goliath in the David de Wied building also close their doors on 23 December. It is not yet clear what will replace the catering facilities. 

Why are the three locations closing before 8 July 2020?

Together with their employees, Sodexo has searched for a suitable solution for those who work at one of the UU catering locations that will close down. The employees of the restaurant in the UBB, Goliath and the kiosk in Janskerkhof 2-3 will be working (temporarily) at another UU catering location. As a result, these three locations will close on 23 December 2019. 

More information

Anna Stamp-Jongbloed: a.n.l.stamp-jongbloed@uu.nl