5 November 2018

Catch-up Exams on 17 December

UCU’s new Assessment Policy Plan allows for you to request a catch-up exam for any individual written in-class assignment that you have missed. As individual arrangements are not always possible or desirable, we have organized a central day for these exams. Throughout your UCU career, you can use this option 3 times.


  • Request a catch-up exam through ucu.registrar@uu.nl stating the course, the original exam date, and the exam (see specific name in Osiris course outline).
  • CC your instructor, so they know to create an additional exam.
  • For any upcoming exams, you will need to make this request within one week of the original exam.                  

When and where?

Date and time: 17 December 2018, 10:00-12:00
Location: Newton B