29 May 2020

Cast your vote for the University and Faculty Councils from 2 June

The candidates for the University and Faculty Councils are now known. You can vote for them from Tuesday 2 until Thursday 4 June inclusive during the elections. This is a unique chance: by voting, you decide who will represent your interests. Your vote counts!

How can you vote?

On Tuesday 2 June you will receive an email requesting you to vote digitally via www.uu.nl/vote. To vote, you log in with your Solis ID and password. Once you have logged into the voting application, you will see the lists of candidates. You may cast two votes: one vote for a candidate for the University Council and one vote for a candidate for your Faculty Council (provided these elections are being held). The deadline for voting is Thursday 4 June at 23.59 hours.

Watch the public anouncement live

You can watch the public announcement of the new University Council student members through a livestream on Friday July 5, at 17.00. Tune in!

More information?

Would you like more information about the elections or check out the lists of candidates? If so, go to the websites of the University Council and the Faculty Councils of Humanities, Law, Economics & Governance, Science and Social and Behavioural Sciences. No elections will be held at the other councils due to exactly the same number of candidates as seats. (At UCU and UCR elections have already been held due to their semester system).

Contact person

Secretary Central Election Committee, Anne Marie Partridge, a.m.partridge@uu.nl.