Cast your vote for the Representative Councils

The elections have started! You can vote from today until Wednesday 10 May. This is a unique chance: by voting, you decide who will represent your interests. Your vote counts!

Vote now

Who can you vote for?

You can vote for the candidates for the University Council and the Faculty Councils (At UCU and UCR elections have already been held due to their semester system).

Interested in what the University Council parties stand for? Check out the voting guide.

check out the voting guide

How can you vote?

If you're eligible to vote, you received an email today, requesting you to vote digitally via To vote, you log in with your Solis ID and password. Once you have logged into the voting application, you will see the lists of candidates. You may cast two votes: one vote for a candidate for the University Council and one vote for a candidate for your Faculty Council. With regard to the University Council elections you can vote for someone from either your own or another faculty. The deadline for voting is Wednesday 10 May at 23.59 hours.

More information?

Would you like more information about the elections or check out the lists of candidates? Go to