10 January 2017

Undergraduate Field Research Program Aruba

Caribbean Studies

Bachelor students planning their thesis for spring 2018 may be eligible for participation in a program that allows them to do community-based field research for their thesis in Aruba, an island in the Dutch Caribbean. The program involves cooperation with the University of Aruba and is administered and hosted by University College Utrecht (UCU); for ideas about the type of projects that have been carried out previously, see the anthologies of student research projects from spring 2015 and spring 2016.

To participate in the program, students must complete the course UCINTCAR21, Caribbean Studies, offered in the UCU summer term (23 May-23 June 2017).  Interested bachelor students from any faculty can pre-register for the course until 1 March 2016.  Definitive placement will be made known shortly after that date.

For information about the field research program, see this informational PDF.

Interested students and their tutors are also invited to view the program’s public Facebook page, which reports on the activities of the current participants.

Contact j.c.ballantyne@uu.nl for further information or to pre-register for the course.