Caracal course evaluations questionnaire Humanities is shorter

Starting from Block 2, the standard Caracal umanities questionnaires will be shorter and there are only 2 open-ended questions at the end of the evaluation. The open questions are also worded slightly differently, to prevent students from making inappropriate or unnecessarily hurtful comments about fellow students or the lecturers.

However, additional questions can still be added by the course coordinator. 

All adjustments in brief:

  • Open-ended questions: The open questions in the questionnaire have been shortened to the two open questions:
  • What is good about this course?
  • What improvement(s) would you suggest for this course? 
  • Cover page: A cover page has been inserted with information on which route your questionnaire takes and the etiquette for giving feedback.
  • Shortened questionnaire: Where possible, the questionnaire has been shortened, by reducing the number of open-ended questions and deleting the questions on facilities.

These changes have been made in agreement with the Student Members of the Faculty Council.