Hey there! Do you like to get to know new people? Are you looking for a place where international and Dutch students can get together? Joining our student association BuddyGoDutch and becoming a buddy might be something for you!

Our goal is to foster friendships between international and Dutch students through our buddy program - matching up Dutch and international students as buddies - and diverse weekly fun activities. Every new semester you can sign up, and be paired with a buddy based on shared interests or the matching event. Beyond the buddy system, we organize many diverse weekly activities—from pub crawls and ice skating to dinners and parties—where you can meet other buddies, share experiences, create lasting connections, and of course tons of great memories!

Interested in becoming a buddy? Sign up through our form here

Find more information on our website: www.buddygodutch.nl or mail to info@buddygodutch.nl. Or take a look at our Instagram/Facebook: @buddygodutch, to see our past and upcoming activities!