Buddy project: do you want to help students with a disability?

Looking for Buddies!

Studying without limitations is a student organization for and by students with a disability. Through this organization we are trying to:

  • Share experiences and stories with each other
  • Advice the UU policy workers on what studying with a disability is like
  • Inform students about the services the UU offers regarding studying with a disability
  • And we offer students with a disability extra support through our buddy program

We are looking form buddies:

Studying without limitations is looking for enthusiastic students that want to become a buddy for students with a disability. Having a disability yourself is not mandatory.

What does being a buddy entail:

- Regularly getting together with the student (usually once every one to two weeks).

- Looking with the student what the support will look like.

What do you get for being a buddy?

  • EXPERIENCE: As a buddy you gain experience regarding supporting and coaching students with a disability.
  • TRAINING: We organize training and intervision sessions, a few times a year, where you can gain knowledge about different disabilities, and you get tips and tricks on how to support and coach others.

Do you want to become a buddy or do you want more information?

Let us know! studyingwithoutlimitations@uu.nl

For more information you can also look at our website: Studying without Limitations - Students | Universiteit Utrecht (uu.nl)