14 January 2021

BSA norm reduced to 37.5 EC for current academic year

Due to the corona crisis, the fourteen Dutch universities have chosen to lower the BSA (binding study advice*) norm by a range of 10-15% this academic year. Utrecht University has opted for a generic reduction of 7.5 credits for first-year students, with the exception of UCU and UCR students who already benefit from a different standard.

Roughly speaking, first-year students need to complete one major subject less in order to proceed to the next academic year.

In addition, it remains possible to further adjust the BSA rules at the study programme level, if necessary, given the specific circumstances of that programme. As always, the existing regulations also offer the possibility of making an exception for individual students who have encountered difficulties.

Special circumstances due to corona crisis

The Dutch universities, including the UU, have closely monitored the studies on offer and study progress over the past period. This monitoring shows that the study progress is up to standard, just as in the last semester of last year. For this reason, the Dutch universities consider it important to maintain the BSA. However, it has also become clear that the welfare of students is under heavy pressure, and this is reinforced by the lockdown’s extension that was announced this week.

Therefore, the universities have decided that they will lower the BSA generically under these special circumstances. In addition, the universities will continue to make a maximal effort to help students with the problems they are currently experiencing as a result of the corona measures. The UU is also fully committed to this (see the tips for life). Dutch universities and student unions ISO (Dutch National Student Association) and LSVb (Dutch Student Union) will now jointly look at what other measures are possible to promote the welfare of students. Read the complete message on the VSNU website.

* binding recommendation on academic advancement regarding the continuation of studies