2 November 2020

Bright Minds Assistantships February 2021

Are you a master’s student at the Graduate School of Geosciences? Then this could be a great opportunity for you!

After the previous round had to be cancelled due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the Graduate School of Geosciences will continue the Bright Minds Assistantships programme in February 2021. The assistantships are for highly motivated and talented students with a special interest in geoscientific research. Both Dutch and EU students, as well as non-EU students, can apply. Over the past weeks twenty-five project proposals have been submitted by UU teaching staff and researchers. Now it’s up to you to apply for an assistantship by November 22!

The Graduate School of Geosciences has offered Bright Minds Assistantships twice a year since September 2017. The aim of the assistantship programme is to involve students in ongoing scientific projects conducted by academic staff and PhD candidates, thereby allowing them to experience what it takes to do research and to pursue a career in science.

An application includes:

  • a motivation letter (max. 400 words), describing your ambition to become a geoscientist and detailing your current experience in the field.
  • your curriculum vitae.
  • your selection of (max.) three preferred projects, ranked from (favourite) 1 to 3.
  • your written permission for us to use your application files (submitted when you applied for your master’s programme) during the selection process.
  • your student number.

All applicants are ranked on the basis of their grades (bachelor’s, and, if applicable, master’s) and their motivation to pursue a career in geoscientific research. A shortlist is then compiled and submitted to the vice-deans for approval. Upon approval, the best-ranked students are invited for an interview with the supervisor of their preferred project.

Pay and employment
The Bright Minds Assistantships are paid according to university rules for student assistantships. Project assignments are extracurricular (no credits are awarded) and cannot be a part of a thesis/graduation project. You will be employed for 320 hours, divided over at least one and at most two-and-a-half working days per week (8 to 20 hours). Your working schedule may be flexible within these limits, depending on your availability and your supervisor’s preferences.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Bouwmeester, Education Support Officer at the Faculty of Geosciences (t.r.bouwmeester@uu.nl).