20 October 2016

Studium Generale presents

Breaking Beta: Antimatter Mysteries and Relations with Robots

Is it possible to travel through time and space? How does our brain store memories? Where did all the antimatter go after the Big Bang? And will we ever happily marry a robot? In this series we investigate some of the most mind-blowing questions in science.


Thursday 20 October: Antimatter Mysteries

In Star Trek antimatter is used to travel faster than light. Today, scientists are actually able to reconstruct the extreme conditions prevalent in the universe just a few micro-seconds after the Big Bang, enabling them to create antimatter particles in the lab. Prof. dr. Thomas Peitzmann (Subatomic Physics, UU) explains what antimatter is and how it can help us understand the universe.

Location: USP Cafe (Heidelberglaan 11)

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 

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Wednesday 26 October: Relations with Robots

The movie Her shows us a futuristic world where humans engage in romantic relationships with computers. Can robots really understand or perhaps simulate human emotions? Is the future of love virtual? Dr. Zerrin Yumak (Information and Computing Sciences, UU) discusses how virtual characters work. 

Location: USP Cafe (Heidelberglaan 11)

Time: 17:00 - 18:00

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All lectures are in English and afterwards drinks will be served during Q&A.