12 June 2018

Bookspot: new location

Bookspot, the two book shelves that were previously located in the hall of the van Unnik building, has also moved to the new Vening Meinesz building A. When you enter via the main entrance, take the stairs to the first floor, the shelves are just around the corner on the left. If you take the elevator, turn right first and then left. The concept remains the same: take home those free books!   

The move of Geosciences Faculty staff to the new building, has lead to a clearance and Bookspot was introduced. All books, for which there was no longer room, were placed here. Due to the fact that so many have already been taken, the shelves will remain for now. The more books you take, the more we can put on offer. So come by and pick out some interesting professional literature.

Happy reading!

Vening Meinesz building A


Princetonlaan 8a, 3584 CB Utrecht, The Netherlands

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  • Faculty Geo Sciences (1st up to and including 8th floor).