Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge-Europe (BISC-E)

In the EU there is growing attention for the transition towards a bio-based economy. To support this, TKI Green Chemistry & Circularity is organizing the Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge-Europe (BISC-E).

What is BISC-E?

BISC-E is a competition where students are challenged to develop a bio-based product or process. Student teams design a bio-based innovation matching sustainability, economic viability and technical feasibility criteria. The competition is beneficial because it allows for students to work in a creative way on a multidisciplinary assignment while learning more about bio-based developments. The challenge is open for all university students and final year University of Applied Sciences (HBO) students. This Challenge starts as a Dutch competition and the winning Dutch team will compete at European level with other national winners. This year at least 18 other countries will participate! Click here for more information and to register. 

On April 11 there is an information meeting where it will be explained how the competition works and the rules of the competition. The session is also a great way to find potential team members. Register for the information meeting on this page.