Billie Cup replaces disposable cup

Billie Cup replaces disposable cup

From 1 July, the Billie Cup will replace the disposable cup in all staffed restaurants and coffee corners in UU buildings. With the reusable cup, which you buy for a one-off 1 euro, we will reduce the mountain of 1.2 million disposable cups we produce every year as a university.

Billie Cup in restaurants

From 1 July, at the staffed catering locations in UU buildings, you will no longer be served coffee or tea in disposable cups, but in a reusable 'Billie Cup'. The cup consists entirely of recyclable polypropylene. To buy such a cup, you pay a one-off euro per cup. When you hand in the cup, you will receive a coin. The coins represent a value of 1 euro and can be handed in for either consumption or a new clean Billie Cup. 
Taking your coffee with you? For another euro, you can buy a lid to go with it. This one is not redeemable, but you wash it yourself. Cups handed in are cleaned and used again. Of course, you can also keep using the cup you brought from home. 

New rules for disposables

From 1 July, disposable cups will no longer be offered free of charge. This applies, for example, to cups in the coffee machines, coffee cups and trays in the restaurants and for the food trucks in the USP. From then on, you will pay a fee when using disposable cups and trays. From 1 January 2024, these will be banned altogether. The Billie Cup is a sustainable alternative to the disposable cup.