2 November 2016

Beware of trespassers!

Several students have had unwanted visitors recently, so we'd like to warn you to be aware of burglars coming in by trespassing (through an open window or door). Student rooms are an easy target for burglars. The locks aren't always adequate, the doors are regularly kept open and most of the time, student rooms contain attractive items for burglars: (new) laptops and iPads, which are very easy to sell on. You could lose all your photos, notes, dissertation work...

Don't be a victim of this and protect your belongings: keep windows and doors locked if you are not at home. Make sure your locks are solid enough, or ask your landlord/landlady to take care of this.

It is also a good idea to register the details of your posessions (brand, type, serial number, etc.) This increases the chances of retrieving them after they have been stolen. Registering your devices is very easy with the app from Stop heling! www.stopheling.nl (English and Dutch)