6 January 2016

Ben de Pater is Teacher of the Year

Ben de Pater was touched when he heared that he had won the Teacher of the Year Award. “I’m suprised to be so emotional about it.”

Ben de Pater, Human Geography and Planning lecturer, received the award at the New Year’s meeting of the Faculty Geosciences, Tuesday 5 January 2016. Member of the Jury Zilla van Aartrijk (studentmember of the Faculty Council) explained the choice of the jury. “The amount of books and papers in Ben’s room might look overwhelming, but his students praise his classes as being well structured, clear, with a common thread and depth.” Ben de Pater has played in the more than thirty years that he is a lecturer a crucial role in improving and renewing courses and curricula. Moreover, he innovatively bridges the disciplines within Geosciences as he is the founding father of several Geosciences-wide courses, amongst them the course ‘Bedreigde Aarde’ (Endangered Earth).

A lot of humour

The jury, composed of two student members of the Faculty Council, Vice-Dean Hans de Bresser and the three Directors of Education, has chosen Cedric Thieulot as the Teacher Talent of the Year 2015. Jury member Michelle van Mulken told that the Earth Sciences lecturer teaches rather tough, abstract subjects – such as learning to code and mathematics -  but he makes these topics more accessible in a very inspiring way. “Cedric uses structured presentations, a lot of humour, his music and a self-designed programme.” He has given a lecture at the Oerol festival, which shows that he is capable of bringing his message across to a wider, non-academic public.
The Teacher Talent Award is meant for lecturers with less than five years of teaching experience.

Study trip

The lecturers are nominated by the study associations. The nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award were this year, except for Ben de Pater: Jerry van Dijk, João Trabucho-Alexandre and Maryse Chappin. Nominated for the Teacher Talent Award were - besides Cedric Thieulot - Vincent van Hees and Kevin Broecks. The winners receive an amount of € 1.500 to be spent on work related matters like a study trip or books.