3 September 2019

Become a Buddy at BuddyGoDutch

Do you like meeting new people? Are you internationally orientated? Are you going on an exchange and do you already want to meet people from your destination? Or did you just come back from an exchange and is it hard to say goodbye to the wonderful time you spend abroad? If one or all of these things apply to you, then becoming a Buddy at BuddyGoDutch might be the thing for you! BuddyGoDutch is a studentorganisation based in Utrecht with the goal of furthering the integration of international students. In this more and more globalizing world, nothing is more valuable than learning from other cultures. That is why BuddyGoDutch provides the platform to bring cultures together. We do this through a Buddy-system, in which we match internationals students 1 on 1 with Dutch students. International students will get the chance to learn something about the Dutch culture and the beautiful city of Utrecht and at the same time it offers you the opportunity to build international friendships! In addition to that, BuddyGoDutch organizes activities like pub-crawls, borrels and dinners every 2 weeks. So do you want to meet an international students and do you want to learn about a different culture? Then you can sign-up to become a Buddy at BuddyGoDutch through our site www.buddygodutch.nl/sign-up/ and we will match you with an international student based on your preferences!

More information or questions? Mail to info@buddygodutch.nl or check our website www.buddygodutch.nl or Facebookpage.