Automatic transcription during Teams meetings now possible

Recently it has become possible to automatically transcribe spoken text into written text during Teams meetings. When this functionality is activated during a Teams meeting you can read live what is being said.

Transcription can be started during a Teams meeting by clicking on 'More' in the upper right corner, then 'Record and transcribe' and then 'Start transcription'.

Before transcription is actually started you first pick a language. Only spoken text in this language will be recognized. During the meeting the spoken language can be changed and transcription can be stopped and resumed at any time.

After the meeting the transcript can be found in the appointment details in the Teams calendar on the 'Recordings and Transcripts' tab. The transcript can be viewed and downloaded and the meeting organizer can delete the transcript.

In a transcript your name is shown by default prior to the things you said. If you don't want this you can anonymize yourself. Open the general Teams settings and click on 'Captions and transcripts'. Here you can disable the option 'Automatically identify me in meeting captions and transcripts'. You will then be mentioned as a "Speaker" in a new transcript, followed by what you said. This remains active for every next transcript until the option is turned back on.