Attend lecture series on the conflict in Israel and Gaza

This three-part lecture series organized by the Utrecht Religie Forum aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the history of conflict and its traumas from a scholarly perspective, beyond ideological grids.

Lecture 1: Tuesday, April 23, 19.30-21.30u

Dr. Joas Wagemakers and dr. Eric Ottenheijm provide a historical overview of the conflict (Dutch).

Lecture 2: Thursday, May 16, 19.30-21.30u

Dr. Itamar Ben Ami and dr. Joas Wagemakers discuss the history of Jewish and Palestinian nationalism (English).

Lecture 3: Wednesday, June 5, 19.30-21.30u

Dr. Margreet van Es and dr. Eric Ottenheijm highlight the role of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in this conflict and the discussions surrounding it (Dutch).

Want to attend? Send an email to The location will be announced after signing up.

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