24 March 2020

As of 9 July, Eurest and SPAR University will be handling the catering within UU

Proeverij banqueting nieuwe cateraar

Due to the measures being taken on account of the coronavirus, the catering facilities are now closed. However, there is still plenty going on when it comes to catering. Our contract with caterer Sodexo will end on 8 July 2020. As such, the Facilities Service Centre (FSC) carried out a European tendering procedure. Eurest, in collaboration with SPAR University, has won the tender. SPAR University will be operating the kiosk in the Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw and Madame Jeanette in the Jeannette Donker-Voetgebouw, while Eurest will be handing all the other catering locations and the banqueting.

Requirements for new caterer

UU left room in the tender for various types of market parties to apply, which has led to this wonderful collaboration between a caterer and a retailer. In order to make the most of the caterer's own sense of entrepreneurship, UU has not requested a specific price or assortment, merely indicating a general framework instead.

SPAR University will provide a wide assortment for the kiosk in the Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw, offered at a correspondingly wide range of prices. The collaboration with SPAR University will focus on sustainability, diversity, entrepreneurship and technology. There will, for instance, be an app that offers sharp discounts, and the kiosk at the Victor J. Koningsbergerbuilding will offer a Grab & Go cooler, a Super Healthy wall, a self-checkout system and use the Zero Waste Bag in order to combat food waste.


When it comes to sustainability, UU challenged the new caterers to do their part in increasing the sustainability of their practice. This relates to the preparation and origins of their products, but also to countering food waste, limiting logistical movements, reducing waste flows and reducing water and energy consumption. The university wishes to provide an attractive offering of responsible choices and to help people consciously choose healthier foods. Furthermore, Eurest and SPAR University will also focus on Social Return, meaning Eurest will be deploying people at a disadvantage on the labour market at UU locations.

Transitional period

The coming months will bring more information on the assortment offered at the various catering facilities, as well as pricing and the relevant catering concept. Visuals on display at the catering locations will keep you up to date. Final opening hours for most locations will also be communicated at a later date, but those for the kiosk in the Victor J. Koningsberger building have already been announced: from 8:00 to 16:00 hours.

Input for the tender and assessment

The FSC gathered input in a number of ways, including:

  • conversations with stakeholders: from board members and the University Council to Faculty Council members and Student Assessors;
  • advice from experts in the field of sustainability at both UU and other organisations, such as HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht;
  • a revolving focus group for each project phase, which included representatives for various target groups;
  • brainstorm sessions with students and staff;
  • prior customer satisfaction surveys;
  • part of the assessment included a contribution from a delegation from the University Council and Green Office.

Catering vision

The basis for the tender was a catering vision:

Catering, retail and banqueting services at Utrecht University are inspiring, ambitious, sustainable and full of entrepreneurial spirit, and they meet the needs of the many students, staff, visitors and residents in the field of food and drink. They offer something for everyone!

More information

To find out more about the catering tender, please contact the Contracts and Suppliers Manager, Anna Stamp-Jongbloed.