15 March 2019

Are you going to be the new student member of the Faculty Council?

As you may know, it is possible to exercise influence as a student by participating in the Faculty council. By doing this, you will form the bridge between the student population and the university.

The Faculty council has right of consent and voices the opinion of the students on matters such as procedures, quality and organization of education by providing advice to the faculty board (which exists of the dean, vice-deans, and director).

Every student who is currently enrolled at the faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences can nominate themselves to become a student member of the Faculty council. Elections for the personnel- and student-delegations will be held in May 2019.

It is possible to nominate yourself as a candidate between March 18thand April 18th 2019 at one of the existing student-lists (Lijst Actief | Lijst VUUR) or by creating your own electoral list or faction. Electoral lists can be turned in to the Faculty Election Committee (Langeveld building Room H2.13).

Do you want to take on this challenge to better the future for you fellow students and the faculty?

For more information: check the students website or blackboard, or send an e-mail to sw-faculteitsraadstudenten@uu.nl.
Any questions for the Faculty Election Committe: kiescommissieFSW@uu.nl.
Information about the existing lists: E.Y.koridon@uu.nl.