31 January 2019

Are you going to be the new member of the Faculty council?

Nominate yourself as a candidate! You are able to nominate yourself from March 18th until April 18th at one of the existing student-lists or by setting up your own electoral list.

On May 2019, the elections for the personnel- and student-delegations of the Faculty council Social Sciences will be held. The student-delegation will be chosen for a period of one year. The Faculty council is the formal representative body of the faculty board.

In order to nominate yourself as a candidate it is important that you are officially registered at one of the studies that the Faculty for Social Sciences provides. After the March 4th 2019, it is possible to check whether you are in the register and if so, nominate yourself as a candidate. You can check this with the secretary of the Faculty Election Committee, Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw H2.13. 

It is possible to nominate yourself between March 18th and April 18th 2019. For students it is possible to join an existing list or faction, or establish their own party. Further information about the student-lists can be found through the student member of the Faculty Election Committee. It is always possible to create your own list. The procedure regarding establishing your own student-list can be found in the Faculty Election Regulations.

On February 21nd, the student-delegation of the current Faculty council is organizing an informal reception for anyone that is interested or has any questions regarding the Faculty council or the student-delegation. This reception will be held at balcony Pi at 15:00. Any procedural questions about the elections can be directed towards the secretary of the Faculty Election Committee.

The Faculty Election Committee
Drs. Désirée Verberk (chairman)
Marije Stolte MSc (personnel-member)
Yorick Koridon (student-member)
Anuschka Mulder-Van Gameren (secretary)

Belangrijke documenten
Facultair kiesreglement (pdf, in Dutch)
List of candidates student delegeation (docx)
Timetable 2019 elections (pdf)