10 October 2019

Are you experiencing inappropriate behaviour? Ask for help

This week is national Safety Week. Utrecht University will also be taking part by covering various safety topics throughout the week. Today we are focusing on social safety. 

Feel safe

Our university believes it is important for students and staff to feel safe while they study and work. The basic principle is: we treat one another with respect.

What is inappropriate behaviour?

Despite our efforts, you may still encounter inappropriate behaviour. A fellow student or colleague might try to come on to you, for instance, causing you to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Other examples include harassment (sexual or otherwise) discrimination, aggression, violence or bullying.

Ask an expert for help

Are you experiencing inappropriate behaviour? Expert colleagues are available who can help you in such situations.

You can turn to the following people for help:

Make an appointment

Do you need to have a confidential conversation to see what the options are? No problem. Make an appointment with the above mentioned confidential counsellors. They will be happy to assist you.