5 October 2016

Are you enjoying your classes?

Nominate your favourite lecturer for the Faculty of Geosciences’ Teacher Prizes now. The faculty will award the prizes for the sixth time in January 2017. Geosciences appreciates the work of the lecturers through the awarding of these prizes.

The Faculty awards two accolades: The Teacher Prize is for lecturers who have been teaching for more than five years in an academic setting; and the Teacher Talent Prize is for lecturers with less than five years experience. Both prizes are valued at  1,500 euro. The money must be used for educational purposes, for example, on a study trip or for books.

New Year’s Meeting

You can help to further improve the quality of the education of your programme by nominating your lecturer. You will receive an invitation to the presentation of the prizes at the faculty’s New Year’s Meeting. The jury comprises the Vice Dean, the Directors of Education from Earth Sciences, Human Geography and Spatial Planning and the Copernicus Institute, and the student members of the Faculty Council.

Let your voice be heard

To nominate your lecturer, submit a letter of recommendation no longer than two A4 pages before 30 November to docentprijs.geo@uu.nl. You can also give your suggestions to your study society as every study society will nominate a lecturer too.